Summertime blues

As I write this, Laurie, number 2 son, is in London and no doubt starting to think about getting himself together and making the journey to Heathrow, and thereafter Hong Kong to Taipei. Hundreds of people make the flight everyday, indeed the boys friend, Doris, went out there yesterday, but it still seems a long way off and I know that I won’t be seeing him for another year. Enough of this gloom, what did we do this year? Laurie’s first week was spent with him catching up with old friends and culminated with the wedding of his old friend Patrick. We did go to the cinema together though and saw the new Steve Coogan film ‘Alpha Papa’, not a very memorable title but good to see Alan Partridge revived and worth a few chuckles.

Week two was upon us all too quickly with the rest of the family arriving on different days! Verity and Rich on Wednesday, Matt on Thursday and mum on Friday. It was great to have everyone come to see Lol. The youngsters went to Sidmouth and Chagford in one day (opposite sides of the county), and swam in the open air lido.

Vast quantities of food were consumed as the week progressed.

Saturday was the Party in the Park which this year was being held in the pub garden. It was great fun and all the family were able to attend though sadly Rich had returned to London for another party. We danced the night away and everyone said it was the best party ever, the Steel band, Pangea, were excellent.

Sunday saw the first of the departures until on Tuesday we were left with some peace for Laurie’s last few days. We went for a meal on Wednesday lunchtime and decided to try ‘the Nobody Inn’ at Doddiscombeleigh. It was lovely weather and our meals were delicious. We shall definitely go there again. Thursday was again bright and sunny and we took Lol to the station to catch the 12.30 pm train. What can I say, except it was lovely to have him around, pottering in the kitchen, mowing the lawn and generally just being there.











I was able to give Laurie his quilt which, as we speak, is making its way to Heathrow with him. He came with an empty suitcase but he has been buying shoes, and presents so that he will have plenty to remind him of home and jars of Branston pickle for his friends!

Safe flight, we’ll be thinking of you.


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