A Very Easy Start!

This morning, when I got up at 6.30, it wasn’t the first day of term for me, it was a city break in Budapest! Somehow it was all the more delicious knowing that for my former colleagues and the children in the village were returning to school today and I was still on holiday. I just can’t get over the delights of being retired, even after 4 years!

Paul took us to St David’s at the civilised time of 8am and the journey to Heathrow couldn’t have been easier. We got out of the train at Paddington and walked to the next platform and took the Heathrow Express which got us to our destination in about 15 mins. It wasn’t at all crowded when we got there, unlike Gatwick when we went to Oslo, and it was an altogether different experience. We had a warm salad lunch and then strolled along to our gate, which for a change, was close by. Just a short queue for boarding and then we were off. I’d forgotten that with BA you have plenty of leg room and you get complimentary drinks and food, win, win all the way.

The airport was quite a way out of the city and it was really quite empty, although there were more people waiting to meet people, all with placards, when we eventually made it past the passport control. There was no queuing there either!

We took the 200e bus to the end of the line and then transferred to the metro for the final approach into the city. The roads were pretty horrendous in places and the metro trains were like something out of an old spy novel but it was fairly straightforward, the only trouble was trying to work out which station we were at.

We had a bit of trouble locating the main street we needed to go up but a nice man in the Mercure Hotel put us on the road we needed. Our hotel is 5 stars and very swanky indeed. We are on the top floor and we have an amazing bathroom! We went out as soon as we got there, loads of places to eat and a lively cafe scene, full of young people. We ate out of doors, still very warm and no mosquitoes, our meal, with deserts, beers, coffee and Scotch came to £35! Amazing value for money.

Pictures to follow!




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