The Gellert Baths

Another fine and beautifully sunny day! This morning we went to the Gellert Baths as the art nouveau magnificence was something to behold. The baths are supposedly mostly visited by tourists but in fact there seemed to be plenty of locals there too. We swam in all of the pools and soaked up the thermal properties, both indoors and out and experienced the added bonus of the wave machine. Sadly Hyw had gone to get changed by them but I stayed and had great fun though I was fearful I would lose my glasses at one point!

We then took the tram back over the river and explored the great market hall which on the ground floor was absolutely bursting with sausages, salami, garlic, chillies and pork ( every cut) and vegetables. We did not see many people buying but I guess they must have been or else all the food would go to waste.

We had lunch in a pedestrianised road opposite, near the old town hall and then took the metro back to near the hotel. Before we did we sat for a few minutes in a church and listened to a violinist rehearsing for a concert he was giving later, it was magical.

They have been setting up for a beer festival in the streets near our hotel and when we came back through they were in full swing. All thoughts of going to the museum of Applied Arts were postponed until tomorrow as we sat down to sample some of the different brews.














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