Sunday in Budapest

Yesterday we went to Hero’s Square to visit the museum and the zoo. Both were equally good but I for one felt it was a little hot to be looking at animals who seemed to feel the same way I did. The hippos and rhinos were good and the camels were as fine a specimen as you will find. In the evening we went down a road that was two over from where we are staying, there were loads of restaurants in the road, as we have seen other nights only this time there were far more Hungarians eating and the restaurants were a little cheaper. It wasn’t bad but the ambience wasn’t the same.

Today we went first of all to see the main rail station that Gustave Eiffel designed then we went round the West End which is a big shopping mall. Hyw bought some more shirts and I got a T Shirt. Then we went to the museum of applied arts. It was an amazing building but in a sad state of disrepair. We saw various exhibitions there including an Islamic art one and one on secessionist art. After that we came back to the hotel and downloaded our boarding cards ready for tomorrow.

Back out into the sunshine, the beer festival, another museum and a surprise pop music festival where we spent a couple of hours. A very full day, just resting now prior to going out for our last meal.












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