Looking Back

We didn’t stay indoors for long, it was far too nice and it was our last day. We decided to go to the museum of Hungarian history which was just up at Kalvin Ter. We had a look round, but really it was like a museum of yesteryear in the way it was set out. It was a magnificent building though and with an imaginative curator could have been really good. All the time we were going round we could hear what sounded like people warming up for a festival, and that is just what is was. Outside in the museum grounds they were setting up for a ‘pop’ festival, with a huge bar and folk sitting around at tables. We of course joined them and very jolly it was too. We stayed until about 6.30 then scooted back to the hotel, via the beer festival to get changed to go out and eat.

Looking back at my writing we seem to have staggered from one meal to the next, with beer in between. We went back to the square where the Criminal Justice conference had been and got ourselves a table at a restaurant I had had my eyes on. We said we didn’t want much but the menu was so good we ended up having the works, although we did share the starter of cold meats. My main course was a goose leg, a type of rosti and red cabbage – delicious. We then both had crispy pancakes with strawberry mouse, it was lovely a refreshing whilst being wonderfully indulgent.

The pop festival was still on as we walked home for the last time, but we were far too tired to call in.

As predicted we had rain on our last morning. We had a leisurely breakfast, went out to stretch our legs and then ordered a taxi to take us to the airport. It felt somewhat indulgent, but it wasn’t very expensive and it saved having to carry our cases in the pouring rain.

We had a light lunch at the airport, a smooth flight home, onto the Heathrow Express, nipped across the platform to get the train to Exeter, and were met by John Widger at St Davids.

It couldn’t have been a less trouble free journey or a more varied and pleasant holiday. I would certainly go back for a long weekend and to sample some of the other swimming baths!

Turkey next – better do the washing!

Hyw having breakfast!





Our hotel



3 thoughts on “Looking Back

    1. We were only there a short time, but it was great. An added bonus was the good weather and there were so many festivals going on. The beer festival was the best, everyone was so well behaved! The Hungarians deserve to do well with their economy, they are certainly trying hard on the tourism front.

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