Just cats!

Well what a change in our lives, as Qun said, “it is like having a new baby”. She was either born on the 30 August or the 1st of September, the previous owner was not sure as she had two pregnant tabbies and all the kittens were tabbies! I got her a day early as I couldn’t bear waiting any longer. Contrary to popular opinion, she loved her travelling crate and spent some time in it before she came out. She now sleeps in it every night. At the moment she is on my lap so this is taking some time to type as she keeps putting extra letters in my ipad! Yesterday she went missing for 3 hours but she turned up eventually having been sleeping inside the armchair. I’ve now got her bum in my face so this isn’t proving easy at all!

Hyw seems to be a favourite and he has been instantly won over to having her, he even asked if I was thinking of another one! The cat bed and scratching post I made are proving very popular as is a ping pong ball and a cork. She is eating and drinking just fine and using her litter tray, so no accidents yet. I can’t type anymore as it is proving impossible with her here.







Cats, rugs and making!

I am so excited, I’m getting a kitten after prevaricating for almost two years! Consequently, like the responsible owner I am, I have been doing some homework on things that I will need. Now I’m not tight or anything but I resent paying good money for easy and cheap ( if you’ve got the stuff) to make. The only thing I had to buy was the string which cost me £2 and I’ve still got loads left! In case you’re wondering I made a bed and a scratching post.
I get the kitten on Saturday afternoon so I have plenty of time to think up a name. She is a tabby cat, expect to see her featured on these pages soon.


It is so nice when you get surprise parcels, mine came from Turkey today and although I had ordered it I hadn’t expected it so soon.


A Turkish carpet to remind me of our visit!


Today started off as a really nice sunny day, though there is definitely a ‘nip in the air’ as everyone insists on telling me! I went to the bank to pay in my premium bond win ( don’t get too excited, it was only £25 ) and then to the local builder’s merchant to have some paint mixed for the stairs. Then, back home, and so the hour long wait until we set off for the Dentists! I was having a tooth out!

If truth be told, it didn’t hurt a bit, she was very professional and it was out before I knew it, but the anaesthetic has only just worn off, 8 hours later. I have been sitting like a zombie for most of that time and have only just allowed myself to open my mouth and have a drink. Its fine, so I can have some supper, and it won’t be a hardship not eating on that side because I didn’t anyway. Well its over and done with now. No more infections under the tooth, just have to figure out how I’m going to eat in future!

Busy Bee!

The past two days I have been busy decorating the front room to take my mind off not going to Berlin. I’ve just about finished, only got the door to do, and the room has been put back to rights. I moved the furniture around, as is my habit whenever I decorate and sold the large bookcase that has filled the room for far too long. Now I’ve just got to find a new home for all the CDs but I’m hatching an idea already, read here in a couple of days to see if it worked out!



The Old Fashioned Way

As I haven’t gone to Berlin I thought I would share some of the diary I kept, rather haphazardly, in Turkey. I have many of these notebooks, going back years, and it is always a joy to relive old holidays in this way. Since having the iPad I have kept my diary as part of my blog but it is not the same. This holiday I decided to revert to my old method, largely because I didn’t think there would be much wifi coverage. Here are a few of the pages.









Now I have the best of both worlds!

No show!

I’ve always wondered about the people who fail to make their flight. How could they not leave enough time? Well today we joined their ranks as we were stuck in an endless jam of traffic on the M5. All was going well, plenty of time to spare, we were going to lunch in the airport, then stroll on to the plane. Instead we were halted on the motorway, just past the Morrison’s depot. We still had plenty of time but several hours later, after we had just turned onto the A38, it became clear that we weren’t going to make it. Just nine miles short but it might as well have been ninety. We pulled into a Premier Inn, had fish and chips, and waited for the traffic to ease before heading home. I looked up prices of getting another flight tomorrow but they were horrendous so I guess I’ll have to wait for the spring and try again then!


I shall borrow from Vee for the idea for this post as I have too much to tell and not enough time to write it as I’m off to Berlin in the morning!

I travelled to Turkey, via Bexhill and Braintree, from there onward to Stanstead and ultimately, Antalya. A bit of a circuitous route but it had logic as I was meeting up with mum first. Our flight was inevitably delayed so we arrived at 5.30am at our hotel. We thought the guide was joking about leaving at 7.30 am but he wasn’t so we just showered, had breakfast and we were off!

Six things that I loved about the holiday:
1. Turkey is full of ancient ruins, many of which I had assumed were in Greece, there is enough to keep the archaeologists busy for the next 200 years.
2. The weather was great, they only have about 50 days of rain a year and we didn’t have any. It was their ‘autumn’ but at 31 degrees it felt like summer to us.
3. It is a vast country, very mountainous, with many people in the eastern part really living as peasant farmers but the government seems to be doing the right things about education, help for women setting up businesses, ( votes for women were brought in the 1920’s I think) aid for farmers to help them work efficiently etc. the country is totally self sufficient in food, has a very young population and virtually no unemployment.
4. They are very relaxed about drinking, lets hope that the government remains secular and that they continue to be ‘freshwater Muslims’
5. The food was varied and plentiful.
6. The sea was incredibly blue!

There are bound to be things I’ve missed out but that will have to do for now!