Today started off as a really nice sunny day, though there is definitely a ‘nip in the air’ as everyone insists on telling me! I went to the bank to pay in my premium bond win ( don’t get too excited, it was only £25 ) and then to the local builder’s merchant to have some paint mixed for the stairs. Then, back home, and so the hour long wait until we set off for the Dentists! I was having a tooth out!

If truth be told, it didn’t hurt a bit, she was very professional and it was out before I knew it, but the anaesthetic has only just worn off, 8 hours later. I have been sitting like a zombie for most of that time and have only just allowed myself to open my mouth and have a drink. Its fine, so I can have some supper, and it won’t be a hardship not eating on that side because I didn’t anyway. Well its over and done with now. No more infections under the tooth, just have to figure out how I’m going to eat in future!


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