Cats, rugs and making!

I am so excited, I’m getting a kitten after prevaricating for almost two years! Consequently, like the responsible owner I am, I have been doing some homework on things that I will need. Now I’m not tight or anything but I resent paying good money for easy and cheap ( if you’ve got the stuff) to make. The only thing I had to buy was the string which cost me £2 and I’ve still got loads left! In case you’re wondering I made a bed and a scratching post.
I get the kitten on Saturday afternoon so I have plenty of time to think up a name. She is a tabby cat, expect to see her featured on these pages soon.


It is so nice when you get surprise parcels, mine came from Turkey today and although I had ordered it I hadn’t expected it so soon.


A Turkish carpet to remind me of our visit!


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