Just cats!

Well what a change in our lives, as Qun said, “it is like having a new baby”. She was either born on the 30 August or the 1st of September, the previous owner was not sure as she had two pregnant tabbies and all the kittens were tabbies! I got her a day early as I couldn’t bear waiting any longer. Contrary to popular opinion, she loved her travelling crate and spent some time in it before she came out. She now sleeps in it every night. At the moment she is on my lap so this is taking some time to type as she keeps putting extra letters in my ipad! Yesterday she went missing for 3 hours but she turned up eventually having been sleeping inside the armchair. I’ve now got her bum in my face so this isn’t proving easy at all!

Hyw seems to be a favourite and he has been instantly won over to having her, he even asked if I was thinking of another one! The cat bed and scratching post I made are proving very popular as is a ping pong ball and a cork. She is eating and drinking just fine and using her litter tray, so no accidents yet. I can’t type anymore as it is proving impossible with her here.







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