One week already!

Flora has been a member of the family for one week now. She seems to have grown a fair bit so that she no longer looks as if she has an enormous head and she has grown in confidence, so much so that today she got a good telling off! She wants to explore the worktops in the kitchen, she can get on one, near the boiler but I haven’t let her climb on the others as there are too many dangerous things and its not exactly hygienic (for us) anyway. She has taken to using me as a climbing post in order to get to the work surface, she takes a run and the next minute I have a kitten attached half way up my thigh! Now I’ve taken to wearing old, thick jeans to protect myself a bit but it’s the element of surprise that is really disconcerting. I thought I’d locked her out of the kitchen earlier as I needed to wash up some plates but somehow she had sneaked in and the next thing I knew she was locked on to the small of my back, from there she proceeded to climb up to my neck, and I couldn’t do anything for fear of breaking the wine glasses I was washing. Cats, who would have them!









Last night was the last hog roast, for Halloween, so we went dressed up!