A Sunny Day

I am continuing to take Flora into the garden, and today managed to get a few jobs done out there as the weather was so good. Unfortunately it is far too wet to do any digging but I cleared the ferns so that the daffodils can grow through and I cut down all the dead flower heads so that I had several barrow loads full for the compost heap. Flora had a good couple of hours out there but came in a few minutes after me, so she is getting to know the ropes. Now she is sleeping, stretched out in front of the log burner. I wish I could take some photos of her out of doors but she doesn’t stay still for a second.

I had a tentative go at painting this afternoon. Having not picked up a paintbrush since November I am definitely rather rusty but I will just have to crash through that and it shouldn’t take too long to get up to speed.

Mum has a Tablet so she is getting used to sending emails and shopping online! I am going to see her in a few weeks so it will be good to see how she is progressing.

We went out for lunch on Thursday and this time we tried Michael Caines Abode it was really good and not too expensive. Friday evening saw us at the Nothcott for Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, they were hilarious and I could easily have watched them for twice as long.




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