Bexhill Birthday

I have come over to Bexhill for mum’s birthday. We went out for lunch with her two friends and my sister and thankfully it wasn’t raining ( too much!)
We had lunch at mum’s favourite place, ‘The Trattoria’, which is on the sea front. They know her well and I managed to tell them it was her birthday, so at a certain point they all came and sang to her and gave her a free desert!

Today we went to the new M and S at Glyne Gap. Jolly impressive, especially the cafeteria which overlooks the beach and the sea. We bought her an outfit for a wedding she is going to in May. It was nice for her to have someone to help her choose instead of having to shop with friends who aren’t as brutally honest as me – joking! We then got her a new coffee machine which was reduced as it was the last one they had. It was twenty odd pounds cheaper than Amazon, which is my guide price these days.

Most of the rest of the time has been spent giving lessons on the internet. I have got a Skype account set up now so I think she has mastered that, plus a few refinements to her emails and facebook. We have ordered her coffee, and she should have enough to last her a fair bit of time so I think my time has been well spent. She has just taken a photo of me!

I am missing the cat, although not her claws, so it will be good to return home tomorrow, although I think it will be a fairly wet and wild journey.

Saw Barry Cryer last week at the Northcott, just thought I’d mention that.


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