First Full Day in Copenhagen

We arrived yesterday, having got a lunchtime flight from Bristol. We had set off in good time as there was no way we were going to have a repeat of our abortive trip to Berlin!

The transfer from the airport to the central station was very smooth but we couldn’t find the metro anywhere so we took a cab to our hotel. I must say it was worth it as there is nothing worse than arriving worn out.

We went out once we had freshened up, as the sun was shining, and it was a nice evening. We went to an area on the canal, not all that far away, that had
many bars and eateries. Everyone was out enjoying the weather, we stopped about half way along and had the most delicious beer. We walked on a bit and found a restaurant, off the main drag but still very popular as it turned out. We were treated to a free glass of champagne, had champagne in our soup starter and a bottle of red wine so by the end of the evening we fairly rolled home.

I had a pea and fromage frais cold soup, with champagne, with scallops and prawns for my starter, duck, which was a bit disappointing, for my main and a carrot cake for dessert, delicious.

Today the weather stayed fine so we were off out fairly promptly. After some faffing around with the transport system we took a train over the Bridge to Malmo in Sweden. Fans of Nordic Noir will be sad to learn that we didn’t see any well known film stars although I did see a fellow who looked a bit like Torben from Borgen! Malmo was surprisingly nice, we walked around a bit, then had lunch out of doors, they eat very early here and all arrived at the restaurants in a space of a few minutes ! Lunch was very good and tasty, we then took the train back to Copenhagen and visited the Grand Magasin du Nord. After some retail therapy we went back to the hotel to rest our weary bones.











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