Day Two

We had a very pleasant meal last night in a restaurant recommended by a passer by. It was in the main drag of restaurants which is where they all seem to be centred. It was very nice decor inside and the staff were super friendly. We soon got into conversation with a girl who had just arrived from California so we were comparing notes of our travels. The evening passed very quickly and we didn’t drink so much so that was good.

This morning we felt that we could walk to where we wanted to go as it didn’t seem far but my map reading is not the best so we took a few wrong turns and ended up walking quite a bit further. The museums don’t open until quite late so we walked around trying to find a coffee bar, the coffee in the hotel isnt up to much, in the end we went and had a coffee in the main station because we just couldn’t find one. After our sanity was restored by the caffein we went back to the museum which was lovely inside. We saw the modern French collection and the Egyptians. We had lunch there, many different types of roll mop herrings for me, before we went to the National Museum to see the Viking hoard treasures, various bog people and boats. It was fearfully hot so we walked slowly back to our hotel which wasn’t really any distance at all! Resting now, before we go out for our evening meal.











The beams or struts of the central station are made of wood, not cast iron as you would expect.


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