Rain didn’t stop us!

Last night we returned to the restaurant of the first night as it was very good food and a lively atmosphere. This time we sat in an inner courtyard and were toasty warm,as you can see from the picture of Hyw. I had a lovely Carpaccio starter, a main course of Hake and a chocolate Pavlova and strawberries for desert.

We awoke this morning to rain, but after a hearty breakfast, we set off on foot for the National Gallery of Modern Art, The Hirshsprung collection, the botanic gardens and a lively food market.

The National Gallery was huge but in fact we saw most of the collections, some indifferent but also some real gems. It soon stopped raining and were able to move on to the 2nd museum which was much more intimate. Saw some really nice pieces of 19 century work including Annie Anker. Not sure about the spelling of that!

On our way back towards the centre of town we came across the really delightful botanic gardens, my pictures don’t do it justice but they give a flavour of it. We then stumbled upon the Flea Market, which in fact was a giant food market so we stopped for a bite to eat there.

It was incredibly humid and as we made our way back to the hotel the sun came out, so we stopped for a glass of wine in the food hall of The Magasin du Nord. Since being in our hotel room the sun has really shone followed by a brief shower but it looks as if it will be clear for tonight.

I don’t know if I said but it is the Eurovision song contest, just around the corner. We saw all sorts of people heading off to watch it last night and the Slovenian delegation is staying in our hotel. We caught a bit on the telly last night!







The tree h

The tree has its own built in barbed wire!


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