A sunny evening and a boat trip

As the weather was sunny we went for a walk around by the royal palaces and saw them with the bright evening sun picking out the shadows. I also saw my first Royal Guard, extremely cute, just like chocolate box figures.

We ate in a restaurant where we had a drink the first night and it was really good. We ate outside as it was so sparkly and we were under a heater anyway! The food was piping hot, I again had three different sorts of herring as a starter and a really lovely stuffed cockerel (their description) with pancetta and cheese on a mushroom risotto base. I was so full I even went without a desert.

We seem to watch TV when we return to the hotel at night and see all sorts of programmes we would never usually watch such as Father Brown, Murder She Wrote and strange Danish versions of Ready steady cook and Masterchef!

We arrived at the boat stop at 9.30 this morning for an hour long tour around the canals. It was lovely and sunny and there were only two other couples on the boat. We saw all the sights from the canal and because you are that much lower than the street you see them without the traffic. It was very informative and we also saw parts of Copenhagen we wouldn’t have gone to.

After that we went to another one of the Royal palaces and saw the crown jewels and from there, we walked to the food market for lunch. I was able to indulge my passion for sea food and have a wonderful ice cream. From the market, as it had come on to rain a bit, we took a taxi to the Design Museum. The museum was housed in what was once Copenhagen’s only hospital, or the first one anyway. We saw every sort of chair that we have ever owned or sat on, or so it seemed. As we were beginning to flag by now we walked back to the hotel in the sun, which was out again.










My camera battery died after the boat trip so you will have to wait for me to recharge!


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