Last Days

We went back to the restaurant where we had eaten the night before as it was so good. This time Hyw had the chicken and I had the all in menu as there were chips with the main course, which was steak. A tremendous rain storm came while we were eating but the sun still shone and we took some good pictures of the rainbow which emerged. It didn’t last long so we had a leisurely walk back to the hotel.

We were at all sure how to spend our last day, even down to getting to the main station. In the end we just hopped on a passing bus, so we can say now that we sampled all modes of transport in Copenhagen. We left our luggage in the left luggage place and bought our rail tickets out to the airport. We were then free to have a last look around. First we went to the Design Museum’s cafe for a coffee, then we walked along the road to take a closer look at the Town Hall, where so much of the action took place during The Killing! The Tivoli gardens was our next port of call, just over the road.

The Tivoli Gardens were named after the gardens of the same name in London, which were themselves named after ones in Italy. Rome, I think. Walt Disney is reputed to have visited and was so impressed he built his own. Unlike Disney world this was on a much smaller and human scale. There was no pressure to buy anything, no adverts just lovely planting with rides to suit all ages discretely scattered around. There were restaurants to suit all pockets and we went in a Design Restaurant, they had the chairs we had seen in the Design Museum the day before.

We had a lovely time there. We then had only to walk about a hundred yards and we were back at the central station and heading out to the airport. A very smooth flight home and we were back with Flora and Verity by 8.30pm. A very easy journey.












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