Amsterdam, belatedly!

We went to Amsterdam, courtesy of Flybe from Exeter, some time ago now, but I decided not to take my iPad as we had a hellish time, with queues for security etc, the last time we had gone through Schipole. As it turned out, it was virtually empty but it is no bad thing, every now and again, to keep a paper diary, and certainly they give me a lot of pleasure when I happen upon them on a bookshelf or stuffed in the back of a drawer. I had a handmade paper notebook that Verity had bought me back from Taiwan that was ideally suited to the purpose in that it was light weight and did not have too many pages.

We travelled on 12/6/2014 and returned on the Monday 16 June. We had perfect weather and it turned out to be a very relaxing break although we spent loads of money! I haven’t written up the last pages of my diary, suffice to say we were now such dab hands at the transport system that we were at the airport with loads of time to spare. The flights, both to and from Amsterdam were very easy and the aircraft, with propellers, very comfortable and quick although the overhead lockers were quite tricky to get your bags into.












Our house is on the market still, while we were away we decided, reluctantly, to drop the price. We instantly got two viewings and one of those was an offer but sadly they were quite a bit less than the revised asking price so we said no. Since then nothing but we live in hope!


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