Toulouse This Time! September 11 – 15

Verity, Hyw and I flew from Bristol on Thursday afternoon and within an hour and a half we were making our way across the hot runway to catch a bus into the town. It was scorchio and the bus was very crowded and Hyw got stuck with a mad Brit but apart from that, things went smoothly and thanks to Verity’s Ipad we went straight to the hotel, instead of walking the wrong way round the block.

We just dumped our bags and were soon out on the streets exploring the very beautiful city. It is mostly built of red brick and it gives everything a very rosy glow.


We made our way across the Capitole and down to the river for our first glimpse of the Garonne, which is absolutely huge.


After a beer and having to put up with a gypsy guitarist, we found a place to eat in the Old Town. Verity wasn’t too sure of her translation but it turned out she wasn’t eating horse but that the egg on top of her steak was called ‘on horseback’ in much the same way as ‘angels on horseback’.


Verity and I had the most enormous profiterole, with so much chocolate sauce that we both had to admit defeat, although it pains me to admit it.
We headed back to our hotel, The St Claire which was very well situated, just behind one of the main streets and close to Jean Jaures Metro station. The rooms were fairly compact (small) but it was nicely decorated and the staff were very friendly.




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