Lake Garda

Three of us converged on Evelyn’s house ready for an early morning departure from Stanstead. It actually wasn’t so bad getting the taxi at 3.30am but the flight with Ryan air was a little cramped so we were pleased to arrive at Milan Bergamo after what seemed a relatively short journey. We met up with our holiday rep. Easily enough and were soon bowling along the autostrada in the sunshine. There was quite a bit of traffic but as I wasn’t driving I wasn’t too bothered.

Hotel Rely, where we are staying surpassed all of our expectations as has Lake Garda itself. We have a nice room with balcony, the food is excellent, the grounds and the pool area are very good, as is the snack bar up by the pool. The prices are very reasonable, not to say cheap.

We walked along the lake, and generally explored the facilities, as well as having a swim.

This morning we again walked along the lake a little before returning to the hotel for our orientation talk. We then made our own plans to go to Malcesine on the local bus. It was a very pleasant little town and we had lunch there, again very reasonably priced. There was a bit of a scrabble on the bus coming home as everyone wanted to get back to their hotels but in fact it was a bendy bus, so more than enough room for all. It was a glorious sunny day again so a dip in the pool was called for and which we had to ourselves, lovely!

The lake itself is huge and is the biggest in Italy. It is surrounded by limestone mountains and the waters are incredibly blue. Yes the towns are fairly crowded but they are not at all spoilt by touristy things, and are rather charming.






3 Photos courtesy of Verity


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