Another Fine Day

Mum and Evelyn set off for Riva del Garda whilst we had opted for a day around the pool, some drawing and a good lunch. However before that we set off for the local market in the next town. We walked by the side of the lake until we reached Castello. There was no sign of the market at road level so we started a marathon climb up the mountain to a church we could see up there, amongst the village. After some fairly stiff hiking at a near vertical incline, we reached the church but sadly no market. Luckily my sanity was restored by a double espresso and we learnt that the market was 3 km away at Castelletti. We made our way back down and rested for a bit in the harbour only for Vee to spot a huge snake in the water, we then spotted a second snake and a snake skin. You can imagine we were very wary walking back to the hotel! We stopped at a small bar for a beer and did some drawing and then the draw of the pool became too much for us to resist any longer. We had a jolly lunch up at the pool bar all washed down with a bottle of Prosecco. After that is was reading and swimming by turn. After supper, in the evening we had a grappa tasting.

Barb and Evelyn had not been so fortunate in their trip, apart from very crowded buses, they found Riva to be rather expensive and full of designer shops.








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