Day 2

A wonderful breakfast, smoked salmon, various hams, plus cheese, croissants and cereals, juices, rolls etc. etc all for only 5 euros! We set off for Zoo station and caught the 100 bus as that in effect does a round trip of the tourist sights. We got off to see the Brandenberg gate and walk down Unter den Linden, passed the Hotel Adlon Hotel of Bernie Gunter fame. We caught various S and U Bahn train and then found ourselves somewhat lost. We went into the open air and walked to a less complicated station and then got back on track, opposite Galleries Lafyette, where we had a wonderful lunch and a couple of glasses of restorative wine. It was quite bright and sunny at this point. We went to the museum island and went to the museum that housed the Greek and Roman collections, unfortunately discovering at the same time that the Berlin card we had bought earlier didn’t in fact gain us entry to museums. Having exhausted ourselves in the museum, and having walked over 12,000 steps according to my Fitbit, we caught the 100 bus back to Zoo, took the overground for one stop and then walked back to our hotel.

This evening we went to a traditional German restaurant where I was served with massive portions and liberally plied with glasses of a grappa type spirit
at the end.









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