October trip to London

The weather remained mild and sunny for our trip and although there was quite a breeze in London, it wasn’t at all cold. For once I was wearing the right clothes and I continued my recent trend of ‘travelling light’. I had made a shoulder bag out of some skirt material that Thelma had given me so everything fitted in their well including jars of jam and other pressies for Matt.

First port of call was the Malevich exhibition at Tate Modern. It was quite busy at the Tate as I guess it was half term for many, nevertheless it wasn’t too crowded in the show. It was quite an extensive show and followed his development as an artist. It was quite good but I can’t say that I personally warmed to his work but then I don’t suppose that was his intention.  Afterwards we saw some huge fabric installations in the turbine hall and then went for lunch in the Tate cafe – I had fish and chips!

After lunch we braved the wind and crossed the Thames on the footbridge towards St. Pauls. I’ve never been so close to it so it was a first for me. It was lovely and sunny so it really looked good. We had a coffee and then took the underground to our hotel which was in Russell Square. The Morton was rather a smart hotel, waffle bathrobes and a huge Samsung television! Matthew came up to our room and then we set off to Gails Kitchen, passing be Senate House, SOAS and Habitat. Maureen joined us and we had a very jolly supper, a bit like tapas only bigger plates. Afterwards they walked back to our hotel with us before catching the tube home.



The MortonxGails Kitchen


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