Trip to London Part 2

We had an excellent nights sleep in our very luxurious hotel room. We were in no hurry to be off as we were going to the British Museum which was just across the square. We had breakfast in the hotel and then took a leisurely walk round to the museum. We were there to see the German history show and the Ming exhibition, but of course we took in other things as well, including the Sir Percival David collection of Chinese pottery. In many ways I much prefer seeing things like that to the big shows but it has to be said that in the Ming show in particular, one was seeing things that were very rare and exquisite.





We had moules et frites in a small restaurant just off Regent Street and then hurriedly made our way up the next street over to the Royal Academy to see an exhibition of painting by Anselm Kieffer. I would gladly have spent a bit longer there but we weren’t sure how long it would take us to cross London so we departed for Paddington.


Flora was very pleased to see us when we returned home after a relatively fast train journey.


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