First Frost of the Season

After unseasonably warm weather, we have had our first frost. Luckily I had sensed that it was getting colder and so yesterday I had decided to bring the geraniums in and pot them all up. They are now distributed on windowsills around the house and I am feeling very smug at having got them in on time. It was lovely and sunny today, despite the icy start, so did two loads in the washing machine and put it out to dry, which it did, mostly.

Poor Lttle Flora is under ‘house arrest’, having been attacked on Thursday morning by the black cat who lives up the road. She has two very Nasty bite marks and is missing a quantity of fur. I decided to take her to the vets on Friday where she was shaved, given injections of antibiotics and an anti inflammatory drug. She looks really sad, especially as she had to wear a baby’s vest to stop her from licking the wound. She wore it for a day but since then has gone without and doesn’t seem to be paying it too much attention. I have to bathe the wound every morning with a salt solution which she more or less puts up with.



I had a sale for Children in Need, in the front room! I sold quit a few crafts and some scarves which I had bought in. There is going to be a Christmas Fair up at Colebrooke so I am going to sell my wares there as well.




As I posted these pictures I noticed some of our old friends, who called in the other day. It was lovely to see them and impossible to realise that we last saw them quite a few years ago!



We have taken our house off the market for the time being so at last I can get on with my life again!


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