Christmas 2014

Great excitement as the boys and Fiona would be coming home for Christmas. They were going to Matts place in London first, and Verity and Rich were going up also. They met Mo briefly, before she flew off to Belfast to see her family and Rich went to Sheffield. They came down to us on the Sunday and we both went to meet them as it required two cars, mostly because of the bags. It was really great to see them although Hyw was unwell for most of the holiday, and so couldn’t make the most of it. We went to The Beer Engine for a pre Christmas meal and Sean came too. He had bought us a bottle of port from Christ’s College but we are saving it until we are both well enough to really enjoy it.

This Christmas I had put a cap on the spending which people didn’t exactly stick to. Gwilym and Fiona bought me numerous gifts including a device to sling the wifi further. I didn’t think it would work but it works really well. We went and saw the Hobbit on Boxing Day, it has become a bit of a tradition now, but I don’t know what we will do next year as that was the last in the series! Hyw drove Gwil and Fi in but he was too ill to meet them so we had to squash Gwil in the boot and drive home really carefully. With all the illness around ( mum arrived with bronchitis ) I wasn’t really able to take our visitors out much, being in effect on constant call for cooking and ministering, but Laurence showed off some of his baking skills and there was plenty of booze to go round. Matt and Fi both left on the 30th to visit Belfast and friends in London. Sean has been visiting to play Mah Jong with us, we are not so skilled now that Fiona has gone but Gwil has a fairly good grasp of it.

Mum went back on the coach just after New Year and I took Verity, Laurence and Gwil to Michael Caines for lunch. We just called in on spec and had a lovely time. Hyw has developed Barbara’s illness and I also am getting it! Verity bought some glasses in the same place as I bought mine, £47! A bargain.

Gwil had to leave on Sunday, I didn’t sleep until he was back in Taiwan and I had the same with Laurence when he returned on Thursday. Laurie and Verity went up to Bath on the Monday and he managed to catch up with more old friends as well as going to the Bath Spa. Verity saw him off at the coach station, so it was her turn to be tearful. He booked a holiday for a couple of days in the south of the island before he returns to work.

Everything is slowly returning to normal, we are starting to get over the coughs which plagued the holiday, the weather is very mild and now we just have to wait for the central heating and Dave to phone about seeing to the back bedroom.

It was lovely to see them all, I just wish that we had been able to go out more and really make the most of their company.