Where did February go?

We are almost at the end of the month, it will soon be my birthday and the time seems to have flown by without my noticing. At the end of January I went to visit mum for a few days to celebrate her birthday and last week I went on a flying visit to Bath for the day to visit Verity for her birthday. The weather has stayed mild and although we are in a colder period now, we have had many days of bright sunshine so I have been able to do much good work in the garden. 

The work has begun on the boiler, new oil tank and base, new boiler and pressurised cylinder so that at last we have decent water pressure and can have showers that wash you. The chaps will return next week to remove the old boiler, the chimney and to make good all the bits and pieces. We have to get new floor covering in the bathroom and back bedroom and sort out what to do in the kitchen with the space left by the boiler. Money seems to be disappearing fast but it is all coming together nicely. We hope Darren will be making us a shed in the middle of March and we are waiting on Dave to give us a quote on insulating the back room. I could do with a win on the premium bonds ( haven’t won for 3 months).

Stan died the other day and his cremation is on my birthday. Geoff Smith also died the same weekend, very sad and quite unexpected. He will be much missed. 

We have been to a quiz night at the New Inn, Sampford Courtney, which was great fun but fiendishly difficult. It was all about food, plenty to taste as well as more traditional written questions. Irene and Paul went with Slim and Maggie so we made up a team. We also went to a comedy night at the Village Hall and jolly good it was too. Qun has been back from China this month so we have been out to lunch with her a couple of times and done various shopping trips to buy presents for people back home and to get her new glasses. She goes on Sunday, I will be sad to say good bye but she is due back in the summer.


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