March is Almost Over

I seem to spend my time writing catch ups. I went to Bath for Verity’s birthday and went again the other day to see the new house that she and Elenie will be moving into on 1 May. It is on a challenging hill but they now have a garden so plenty of scope there for parties etc. It needs some decorating and the landlady is meant to be seeing about floors and white goods but it is basically sound and should prove an interesting move.

I have had my birthday but I had Stans funeral on that day and Geoff’s on the Monday so not much time for jollification, plus we are stony broke now having paid for the heating. Although I got some quotes for doing the kitchen they were far too costly so I have bought a cabinet and door from B and Q and we will make do with that for the time being. The bookcase is where the chimney was and mostly hides the hole in the carpet where the chimney was and the back room has been reinstated until Dave comes in September to do the work we have planned for that room. In the meantime we are working on a trellis construction to hide the oil tank and I have relaid the paving stones to tidy up the way up to the garden. Jobs are so much slower when you have little spare cash but we will get there in the end.

I have been doing some painting and dressmaking inbetween times and have been moderately pleased with the results. I expect I could be quite good but don’t have the staying power, there’s always another good idea to try out. I am listening to the wind as I write this, there is a rare old gale blowing out there tonight but the forcaste looks ok for tomorrow so I shall finish off the flower beds in the lower garden.

Matt, Maureen and Verity are due down at various times this week for the Easter break. It is the first time we have seen Matt since his job was made permanent at the Wellcome so we shall raise a glass to him on Saturday at The Lamb inn.  Oh, I almost forgot, we had an almost total eclipse of the sun!