The Garden is Blooming

The weather has been kind and so I have not been able to put off various jobs, like emptying the compost heaps, with the result that the garden is really shaping up nicely and I have a clear plan of what to do next, rather than try to do everything at once. I moved a number of rose bushes and generally made more room in the beds so they should not be quite so crowded, having said that, the plants seem to be doing a good job of filling the available space so I might need to enlarge them again. I have joined the two corner beds in the centre of the garden together and Paul gave me some Hellebores to fill the new bed along with some Lily of the Valley. Hopefully this time it will take.

We have done a good job with the trellis to cover the new oil tank and the plants are growing up it well ( grape vine and Clematis) as well as the numerous pots I have in that area. The three gooseberry bush cuttings are coming on nicely now and I bought two black currant bushes to go with them. I have a white poppy in that bed so I bought a dark pink one to go with it on the opposite corner of the vegetable bed. Numerous opium poppies are springing up everywhere and I hope that amongst them are some of the wild poppy seed that we bought. This year I have bought some Irises so we have 4 new ones plus I have experimented with taking bit of the corm to try and reproduce the older ones. My rose cuttings are all doing very well and so I gave one to Verity for her new garden.

We went to visit Sandy and Norman this week and apart from a visit to RHS Wisley, where I spent too much, they also gave me a variety of Hosta and succulents as well as some Euphorbia. I got them all planted last night before the rains started.


             My Garden Below 



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