First Full Day

The weather was much better than had been forecast and in fact it was sunny for most of the day, if a little breezy. We went to the Van Loon museum this morning and had a look round the house and garden, not huge but it as nice to go inside one of the canal side houses and was a gentle start to the day. We moo he’d around after that until it was time to go to the seafood place for our lunch. I didn’t have the extravaganza of my previous visit but I still had some beautiful brown shrimp, smoked eel, salmon, cooked salmon, and crab salad. It was delicious. After lunch we wandered through the park and returned to the hotel for Hyw to have a nap. We went out again at about 4 and decided to go to the cinema to see Far From the Madding Crowd. At the first cinema we went to the film had already started but the guy directed us to another which was in a lovely Art Deco building. Luckily the film was not dubbed but I couldn’t help reading the Dutch subtitles, and much as I enjoyed the film, it didn’t have much relationship to the book. We wandered back through the town and came across the other branch of the seafood restaurant so we thought we would give it a try and had a fish and chip supper!  



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