A Busy Day

It was another fine day so we set off for the zoo and a jolly fine zoo it was. Not far on the number 9 tram, well set out, nice grounds and animals that you could actually see. I took loads of photos, a few of them for you too to see. We then went straight from there to the Central Station and caught the train to The Hague. It was around a 40 minute journey on an intercity, so further than we had thought initially. When we arrived it seemed to be all skyscrapers but we crossed the road and rounded a corner and found ourselves in a much more human scale. We ate in a cafe and had the locally produced craft beer which was excellent. It was a much more relaxed place than Amsterdam, much cleaner and somewhat older tourists, most of whom had come, like us to see the Vemeers and Rembrandts. The Maurtizhaus was an excellent museum and it was not too crowded as we had gone at 3pm when many had been and gone. After seeing The Girl with the Pearl et al, we had a relaxing beer in the square. I thought we had struck lucky when we got back to the station as the train was in, unfortunately though it had broken down so we had to get a train to Leiden which was very crowded and then transfer to the Amsterdam train. We were so tired that when we got back we ate locally at Fans Kitchen. They serve very fine Chinese food but the service took forever, as it was just over the road we didn’t mind too much.



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