Last day

We were determined not to waste the last day but it was drizzling when we woke up so we felt pretty downhearted. As planned, we went to the station first to dump our bags and get our tickets for Schipole as it wasn’t too crowded. We then took a 5 tram to the Reichs Museum and it was again warm and sunny. Although we got there at about eleven there were only about 3 couples in front of us in the queue, when we came out about an hour and a half later there were queues like you have never seen, both inside and outside the museum!  We reacquainted ourselves with some old favourites and some lovely paintings of Dutch street/ canal scenes. We left as it was becoming crowded and took a tram to the Oosterpark area and had a very leisurely lunch and drinks in a cafe. By now it was very definitely warming up so we were happy to spend some time there along with all the customers, soaking up the sun. After lunch we went to an ethnographic museum which was in an amazing building. Hyw thought it was good but I thought it looked rather tired and dated, but it might have been because I was getting rather tired. We headed back to the centre of Amsterdam and I can honestly say that I have never, ever seen so many people. We drooped around for about half an hour but then decided to to make our way, a bit early, to the airport. It was just as well we did, there were even more people emerging from the station and our train to Schipole was packed like sardines. Luckily the airport is huge enough to absorb the all so we found a cafe and the time soon passed until our flight. We were processed very quickly at Bristol and the roads were relatively empty so we were back home shortly after eleven.



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