Matt’s Birthday and other news

on Friday I awoke at the crack of dawn and was shortly afterwards on my way to Bath for Matthew’s birthday celebrations. Of course I did not go with an empty car, this time I carried a lawn mower to cut Verity’s lawn and several bags of contributions towards the birthday BBQ. I made good time on the journey, expecting at any moment to meet a storm, deluge, hail stones and a plague of frogs but in fact the predicted storms held off until the evening. I got there in good time and set about mowing the lawn ready for the birthday boy to arrive at 12.45. We just about got everything ready when the taxi arrived. As I have already mentioned, the rain held off until 8 o’clock so we were very lucky and feasted upon Champagne, Prosecco, steak, venison and pork kebabs supported by salads and pitta bread. After eating our fill we decided to go and see the latest Jurrasic Park movie which had come out that day. It was a load of tosh but good fun and the dinosaurs were pretty good so all in all a fitting birthday film. We got a taxi home and spent the evening drinking and playing heads up with Verity’s iPhone. It was good fun and became quite ridiculous at times. 

After a fitful sleep in Eleni’s bed we had a good breakfast and then moved some of Verity’s furniture around for her. We had soup for lunch and I set off for Devon whilst the others were going to the Roman Baths as by now it had stopped raining.  

On the home front, Hyw has at last bought a new car, in that it is a different car and the Peugeot has gone to Simon Cann’s. 







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