Brenzone Again

imageWell we are bacimagek at Lake Garda for a repeat of last year’s excellent holiday. We left  the UK at the start of a heat wave but not to be outdone, the weather in Italy is even hotter. We arrived after a trouble free journey from Stanstead, at about 2 pm. We thought that we were unlucky in that we didn’t have the same room as last year but in fact we have come up trumps with two self catering bungalows and excellent views. As a result, rather than eating in the cafe at lunch times we have made a trip to the local supermarket and bought all sorts of goodies including wine.

Our first priority once we were unpacked was to go for a swim, and then another! It was glorious and not at all crowded. After our first night, when all the staff recognised us, our first full day was spent as ‘a day of leisure’. We went to the town of Brenzone via the main road as there was a nasty car accident which damaged the parapet to the way through to the beach. Luckily that was soon mended so our usual route was restored by the next day. As I have already mentioned we bought post cards and goodies for lunch. We had lunch at the poolside cafe and swam and read our books for the rest of the day.

Today we decided to make our own way to Garda so we walked to Brenzone and caught the fast catamaran to Garda. It took us an hour and a half and was certainly as good as the lake tour we did last year and called at much the same places. We arrived in Garda at 10.30 and immediately were swallowed up in the vast market where I bought a dress and Evelyn bought various things. The heat started to get the better of us, despite various stops for drink ( and we bought a supplement which we added to our water bottles) so we stopped for lunch and then decided to go back to the hotel as to go on as we had intended was just not practical. We caught the bus back and got back just before the storm broke. More to follow …






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