Saturday, Verona

imageimageAlthough we looked at the possibility of going there under our own steam, it was so hot that we decided to go on the coach, and very pleased we had too. We had an excellent guide, we were a small group and had a suitably small coach so we were able to park much nearer the centre of town.  First of all we went to the top of the town to have an overview of the city and then we went down to the city. We had ample time to walk around the town and visited the Duomo and one of the Roman bridges over the river. Of course there were several stops at cafes for drinks and lunch. At the recommendation of the guide we sampled Valpolicella wine, a good one, it was heavenly. We took the walking slowly because by now it was 38 degrees and the humidity was about 80%. We had our Polsa with us to make sure that we didn’t get dehydrated. Curiously it wasn’t too crowded, certainly not like last time, it may have been the heat but I think also that the locals had gone to the lakes.

The coach was a welcome respite from the heat and we had a good jourrney back to the Hotel. We went for a dip in the pool and a bit of a rest. After supper we went to sit by the lake, then back to the hotel for a coffee.




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