Monday – Dolomite Tour


Sunday was a day of rest, again, and much of it was spent by the pool and the lake. Monday was a fairly prompt start in the morning for our tour of the Dolomites. We hadn’t done it last year but everyone spoke so highly of it we decided to go on it. Our first stop was the turquoise coloured Lake Treno which we had time to go down to and explore first hand. It was full of fish and I don’t know as I would have liked swimming in it, but it certainly made for good photos.

We had time for a beer then back on the coach as we were heading for a cable car ride to see the peaks up close. I was toying with not going up but Verity persuaded me, so I overcame my fear and I was actually quite alright. Although we had been told to take a coat the temperature at the top of the mountain was about 28 degrees, so very pleasant compared with 35 degrees down lower. It was very spectacularimageand there were very few people up there which made it even more special.


We only had an hour up there but that was more than enough. We had quite good fun getting in and out of the cable car as it was one of those that keeps moving. We bought some cheese and strudel and had it to eat at our next stop which was some waterfalls that fed the river Sarco. Fairly spectacular and it was nice to walk alongside the river and see the wild flowers. We had our strudel (very nice) and then we headed for our last port of call which was the town of Arco, just behind Riva. It was fearfully hot by the time we arrived, about 38 degrees, and we didn’t have long there but That was just as well as we were feeling rather tired. We had an ice cream and a desultory walk about, definately somewhere to go back to, but on this occaision it was just too hot!

Back to the hotel, too tired even to swim!







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