image image image image image image image image image imageI can’t say that Düsseldorf is the prettiest city we have visited but there was more than enough to fill the time that we were there. As well as going to the usual art galleries we made a day trip to Wuppertal to ride on the aerial monorail. We also visited the Botanic Gardens and a lovely art gallery although the town itself had little to recommend it.

The transport system is very good as our train ticket was also usable on the underground and the bus/trams. In fact on the last day we had a day ticket which also got us back out to the airport. Everything was very clearly signposted and there were plenty of people to direct you if you weren’t sure where to go.

We decided to go to the Zoo on our last morning so we took the train to the zoological garden, unfortunately when we got there we discovered that there have been no animals there for quite a few years. The young women we asked directions of were in hysterics and told us that it was just a park but we could see people walking their dogs and perhaps some wild geese! We cut our losses and went back to Alstadt to a fine ceramic museum, an excellent film museum and moules et frites.

The flight home was beautifully clear and we were back home in no time. The next morning I went and rescued Flora from the cattery.


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