Stockholm, late September

Our last city break, I think, for this year, and yet again we were very lucky with our weather, having an Indian summer, which still continues! For this break we had to travel up to Heathrow and as the train was so expensive we decided to go by coach. All very well but we had to be at the bus station for an early start but luckily John very kindly took us at 5.15am! The journey was all very straight forward if tedious, the transfer between terminals was free and took us about 15 minutes, and terminal 5, where our flight was from, was fairly civilised. The plane was only half full and was a big Boeing 467 so masses of room. When we touched down we could see that it had been raining but the sun was shining brightly.

We took the Arlanda express into the city at 300sk for the pair of us. Our hotel (HTL) was very close to the station so it was not more than a few minutes walk. Our room was very nice and the hotel was in great position and full of young people having a good time. 

Hyw had put me off Stockholm, saying it lacked character but in fact, except for a few shopping precincts,  I found it very charming and on a human scale, just as well as we became separated on the last day and I had to walk across town, and still got back before Hyw!

We had a very pleasant meal for our first evening, elk in a port wine jus, and then turned in for an early night after our crack of dawn start. 

After a good night’s sleep, we set off to explore the city.  By the end of the day I had walked about 18,500 steps but more of that later as I have to prepare supper!


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