Lost Saturday!

I seem to have not written up Satuday, which was in fact a very busy day, so briefly…

First of all we took the bus to the arts and crafts museum of Swedish life. It was huge and the displays were lively and imaginative.

Second port of call was the Vasa museum to see the Swedish ‘Mary Rose’. It was enormous and was discovered and put on display, after a lot of hard work, long before the Mary Rose.

From there we walked and had a sit in the gardens, along with the rest of the world. We booked a table in the restaurant we went to the first night but it was a mistake as they were very crowded and we had quite a wait for our food. Never go back!



More Pictures


Sunday in Stockholm

After breakfast in the cake shop we went to get some money from the ‘hole in the wall’ and came across a flea market in the place where the food market had been during the week. We spent some time browsing the stalls and I bought some very nice prints of butterflies and Hyw rebought The Pretenders album. As it was close to or hotel we took them back and then set off again for Skansen, the famous outdoor museum of Swedish life and culture. As it was such a lovely day we walked down to catch the tram from the harbour.

It was a very large museum and seemed capable of swallowing vast crowds of people without feeling packed out. The houses were a little disappointing compared with the museum we went to in Oslo but they were more than made up for by the wildlife, the views and a folk market. After walking quite a bit we  decided to have lunch there which we had in a candle lit restaurant (no electricity). At long last I had the famous meatballs and ligon berries. It was very nice but we decided to go back into the sun to finish our drinks!

We caught the tram back to the harbour area but that was when Hyw and I became separated and I got off the tram whilst he stayed on. Luckily I have a good sense of direction so I was soon back at the hotel! We went for a coffee and cake in our cake shop but didn’t bother to eat out that evening.

The next morning we left the hotel about 9am and bought coach tickets to the airport as we had plenty of time before our flight. It gave us a final chance to do some sight seeing on our way to the airport as the express train went much too fast to see much. 

We did the journey in reverse but were looking at a long wait for a coach to take us back to Devon. Having been on National Express several times in the past I was used to their ways and thankfully got us on to an earlier coach after all. A good, if long journey to Exeter where we got a taxi back to chez nous. 


Stockholm, first full day

Have just come in from the garden for a brief rest so I will add some more to my account as yesterday’s entry was all about getting there, something I used to tell my English  students to avoid! Still, it is useful for me as when we went back to Amsterdam I was able to look up the bus number from the station so not such a waste of space. I’m digressing already!!!

Had coffee and Danish pastries in a cafe and then set off on a walking tour of the city by way of the station, where we bought 72 hour transport passes. We took the tube to the next island over, Gamlastan, and I was amazed that when we came out of the station we were literally on the waters edge. We were facing the freshwater lake, behind us, facing the other way it was salt water. I had imagined that there was a long distance between the islands but in fact we had just travelled the distance of a bridge. It took some getting used to the layout of the city as although it is set out on a grid pattern it was in fact very confusing at first.

 The view from the station

We then walked around the old town, past the royal palaces, and other historic buildings endin up on the waterfront again but this time facing towards the sea. There were lots of boats moored up as far as the eye could see. Just opposite was the theatre with lots of gold leaf decoration, Hyw wanted to see an Ibsen play but in fact the box office was closed. By now we were quite near to the famous food market so we set off in search of a fine fish lunch!

Talking of which… More exciting adventures after lunch!

The food hall was everything I had hoped for, seafood of every description including some I hadn’t seen before. There were vegetables as well but for me the herrings stole the show, so much so that I had to have some for lunch. We were seated at a large round table and were soon joined by a couple of dentists from Switzerland and two Brazilians who were on a cruise around the Baltic. It was like the United Nations and the conversation covered all topics. The funny thing was we bumped into the Swiss couple later that afternoon when we stopped for a beer.

After a long lunch we made our way by bus to the Thielska collection. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Supper that night was in the Theatre Cafe – I had chowder!