Sunday in Stockholm

After breakfast in the cake shop we went to get some money from the ‘hole in the wall’ and came across a flea market in the place where the food market had been during the week. We spent some time browsing the stalls and I bought some very nice prints of butterflies and Hyw rebought The Pretenders album. As it was close to or hotel we took them back and then set off again for Skansen, the famous outdoor museum of Swedish life and culture. As it was such a lovely day we walked down to catch the tram from the harbour.

It was a very large museum and seemed capable of swallowing vast crowds of people without feeling packed out. The houses were a little disappointing compared with the museum we went to in Oslo but they were more than made up for by the wildlife, the views and a folk market. After walking quite a bit we  decided to have lunch there which we had in a candle lit restaurant (no electricity). At long last I had the famous meatballs and ligon berries. It was very nice but we decided to go back into the sun to finish our drinks!

We caught the tram back to the harbour area but that was when Hyw and I became separated and I got off the tram whilst he stayed on. Luckily I have a good sense of direction so I was soon back at the hotel! We went for a coffee and cake in our cake shop but didn’t bother to eat out that evening.

The next morning we left the hotel about 9am and bought coach tickets to the airport as we had plenty of time before our flight. It gave us a final chance to do some sight seeing on our way to the airport as the express train went much too fast to see much. 

We did the journey in reverse but were looking at a long wait for a coach to take us back to Devon. Having been on National Express several times in the past I was used to their ways and thankfully got us on to an earlier coach after all. A good, if long journey to Exeter where we got a taxi back to chez nous. 



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