The Year’s End

The weather has been unseasonably warm but lots of rain, resulting in flooding in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Aberdeen. We have got off lightly in the south and have only had one night with a touch of frost. Terrorist attacks seem to have become part of an everyday occurrence with the most horrific killing taking place in Paris.

On the home front, I made several trips to Bexhill as the weather was so mild. Mum and I spent hours choosing holidays for next year (Lake Como), a new carpet for her hall and having her drains unblocked! I made my last visit about the second week of December and took over Christmas pressies as we have a house full for Christmas and won’t be able to accommodate mum this year. 

I did several fetes over the course of November/December at the church, the village hall and Yeoford, making about £175 profit. The biggest sellers were my painted stones!

Of course this was a prelude to Christmas and the arrival of Verity, The Taiwan Trio and Matt and Mo. Verity came first and gave me a hand with the shopping ( which had to be seen to be believed) then the Taiwanese folks arrived on the Monday evening having had a couple of nights at Crouch End. Matt came on the 23 spending a few days with Mo as she was off to Ireland first. It was lovely to see them all and to receive my surprise pressie of an IPad Air 2 which I had virtually as soon as they entered the house as Gwilym couldn’t wait to set it up. 


We also have the ability to cast pictures to the TVs thanks to Lauries Chrome Cast of which he had two. We made our annual trip to the cinema to watch Star Wars and also went for a meal at Abode. Fiona went up to London for the New Year so we said an early farewell to her and hello to Mo who flew in from Belfast. Scrabble, heads Up, and boggle were the games of this Christmas  with a few charades and stop motion movies thrown in for good measure. Gwil made a trip to Bristol with Fi to catch up on his old Edinburgh buddies and Laurie saw various friends in London and Bath. 

By degrees they all left us with Laurie and Gwil being the last to go on the 5 January. Hyw took them to the station for a few days stay with Verity. Sad to see them go but good that they all have good homes and jobs to go to.



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