A March Visit To Normandy

A whole week of sunshine preceded our trip to France so we were rather dreading that the weather would break when the time came for us to be off. It was a lovely sunny day on the Monday when I drove Flora out to the cattery and luckily for us it continued to be good for our trip.

We went over to Poole for the Monday evening and stayed at that well known hostelry, The Premier Inn, as we had an early boat the next day. As it happened we had to be there even earlier as one of the ramps on the boat wasn’t working, which meant that everyone who was on the second floor of the boat had to drive on, turn around, and go into a parking space backwards! Not the best thing to have to do in a new car but I was fine and luckily no one drove into me. The crossing was amazingly calm and the boat was not too busy so all in all a good journey.

We went straight to Briquebec and settled into our room before going out to explore the sights and to have a beer in our favourite PMU. We had supper in the castle dining room, a magnificent repast, and afterwards coffee in the lounge. Early to bed, but not before catching up on the news, there had been terrorist bombings at the airport and metro in Brussels.

As it was bright and sunny we went to Carentan for a look around and then off to St Vaast for lunch. Unfortunately the seafood place was undergoing a refurb. But had a good lunch in a little bistro. I didn’t get my oysters but all was not lost as I had them as a starter that night at the hotel.

On the way back we called in at Valognes where there were massive road works, as usual. We walked around and came across a bit we hadn’t seen before! We also called in at Negreville to see the church and walk around the seemingly deserted village. After our supper that night we had a last wander around Briquebec before turning in.

Our last day, a little overcast but otherwise fine. We went to the supermarket to get petrol then off to Saint Sauveur le Vicomte to see the church, Coutances, where we had a very good lunch, then slowly back via the coast, gun emplacements and Montebourg, making a last call at the Auchun supermarket outside of Cherbourg and before going to the boat. Unbelievably, although it was fairly windy, we again had a smooth crossing and this time the ramps on the boat were working!

Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived in Poole and we had thick fog on the journey home but we got back in the end about midnight. The next morning I went and rescued the cat!




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