Hamburg Holiday!

Tonight is our first night here in Hamburg and we have just been out for my favourite meal – herrings. I had them Scandinavian style in a honey and mustard dressing with dill – delicious.

But I am a little sidetracked by the lovely meal, how did we get here I hear you ask? Well we left at 12.30 and got to Bristol with plenty of time to spare, unfortunately our plane was delayed by an hour but it was a lovely day and the plane was almost empty. We flew BMI which meant free food and drinks plus the luggage is put in the boot!

The airport was very easy to navigate, as was the underground and in no time at all we were in a taxi to our hotel, which we could have walked to but would probably have gone the long way round to!

We booked in ( to our superior room ) and went along the road to a traditional German eatery where I had the herrings washed down with a Paulaner wheat beer. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel by the side of a lake and so to bed! 

Too tired to write more now zzzzzzzzzz


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