First Full Day

Not quite the blazing sun that the weather man said but it’s definitely very warm and sticky. We had a good nights sleep in a monster bed after a coffee and whiskey in the bar. The first port of call was a cafe for some breakfast and then we went to the central station to buy a Hamburg Card which gives free transport and reduced tickets for everything else. We had a bit of a walk around the city first and then we went to the boat landing stage for a 1 hour trip around the harbour. Most interesting as we also took in some of the canals as well. The guy driving the boat was a young German but to our ears he spoke English with a strong Belfast accent!

We returned to the place where we had eaten last night, I think it might turn out to be a favourite, for a snack lunch and then we did the 19 century in the art gallery. It was huge so we will certainly go back another day.







Just to clear up a point that was raised yesterday, we usually travel on EasyJet and we take our hand luggage on board with us but the BMI plane was much smaller so we had to leave our luggage at the stairs to the plane and an assistant stowed the bags for everyone, but it was like putting them in the boot of a car, yesterday’s post was meant to have a humorous element to it!



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