Day Trip to Bremen

Today we did the first of our day trips, this time to Bremen. It was bright and sunny and the train journey was most enjoyable, taking just over the hour. Like Hamburg it is a big port and also like Hamburg a long  way from the sea, about an hours drive. The countryside was entirely flat and mostly trees and arable farming. Some windmills could be seen and apparently it is all susceptible to flooding. 

We caught a tram to the old part of Bremen and explored the town which had some fine churches and Rathaus, we had lunch in the main square before going to explore along the river and have an ice cream. The trip back to Hamburg was much quieter as we didn’t have loads of teenagers, with vast suitcases, going on holiday. 

I’m not adding any pictures to my posts until I get back as the uploads speeds are so slow, which is saying something for Coleford!



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