Another day, another city, this time Lubeck, the Queen of the old Hanseatic ports. It was brilliantly sunny and the train ride was in the opposite direction to Bremen, Lubeck being situated on the northern side of Hamburg.  The countryside was much softer, gently undulating and without the commuter villages along the train line. The train was fairly busy, it being a Saturday but it seems that most people were going on a few stops to the coast. Like Hamburg and Bremen, the port is on a river, this time the Trave. It is a Unesco protected site with many fine Renaissance  buildings and a cathedral. It is built on an island, so the old town is fairly compact, of course they had their fair share of bombing but quite a bit remains or has been restored. We also visited Thomas Mann’s childhood home, Buddenbrookes.

That night we didn’t eat in our local hostlerie but went to the local Thai place instead. They were very nice and I had a lesson in napkin folding and we were each presented with a bar of soap at the end! 

Sunday was our last day and in fact it was rather drear so we scrubbed around the idea of going to the zoo and instead went to the museum of art and work which was very interesting and beautifully displayed. We had a last lunch at the hostlerie and then decided to make our way to the airport. Unfortunately the plane was a little delayed as there were storms over Munich which was having a knock on effect. We landed at Bristol at 10pm and were home about 11.30pm to a very fat cat! She has definitely put on weight so she and I are on a diet!


One thought on “Lubeck

  1. I think it only right to observe that Lubeck did not merely get its “fair share of bombing” but on the contrary was deliberately chosen as a target by the RAF because it was an old city with many wooden buildings. Thus fire would cause great destruction which, as the incendiary bombs rained down, it did to deadly effect.

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