Italy – Lake Como

Well here we are in Italy again, for our annual girls holiday, this year minus one as she is having a 70 birthday holiday instead. We decided to go from Gatwick as that gave us more choices of holiday so this year I travelled to Bath first to pick up Verity and then onward to Barbara, who lives at Bexhill, nearish to Gatwick. The taxi came on time, the train journey was smooth and we were through security in a trice. Our luck was too good to hold though as our plane was delayed as there were thunderstorms over London. From then on we were postponed until at last we were allowed onto the plane only to be told that it was unlikely to leave as they had no permission from traffic control. To cap it all the staff and the captain were getting near to their duty limit! To cut a long story short we were sent back to the departure lounge and caught a later plane at about 9, arriving at Milan about 12.30am. Luckily our lift was waiting for us and drove us at 140 KPH to our hotel. It was a hair raising journey especially as there had been a fete in another village so there was lots of traffic coming towards us, also at breakneck speed on twisting roads. Eventually we arrived, after about an hour and a half, and were met at the hotel by the night porter who was very sinister! He led us to the roof top restaurant where a fabulous meal had been set out or us. It was by now 1.30am, and all we wanted to do was sleep but we felt obliged to make some inroads into the banquet! At last we fell into bed at 3am.

The next day we had a leisurely breakfast and went for a stroll along the lake, of course we went off piste and ended up exploring the village of Griante, half way up a mountain. No mean feat with an 85 year old in tow. Of course we found a nice bar and stopped to regain our energy before heading off back. At one point mum was gushing blood out of her hand which she had caught on a wall, she was holding both hands out, standing next to Our Lady, and looked as if she had stigmata.



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