Today we caught an early bus from just outside the hotel for an hour long trip to Como. We got off at the end of the line and it wasn’t much more than a few hundred yards to the funicular, which  was Verity’s main reason for wanting to go to Como. We were very lucky as one was just about to depart so there was no time to have any doubts or be scared. Verity managed to get a seat at the very front and videoed the ascent, I was quite happy looking upwards. At the top there were various walks and places you could go to but we just walked up the village high street a little way and Verity did a circular tour of the village. After a small beer to refresh us, it was by now reaching 32 degrees, we set off for the journey down which seemed very tame after coming up! 


Next we made our way through the town to the Duomo, and jolly splendid it was too. We were all starting to flag though so we stopped for a glass of wine, did some window shopping and then decided to make our way back and catch the 3.20 bus. It was very crowded on board, and more and more people got on but the driver didn’t seem to have a limit!


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