‘It’s Time To Call It Day’

We had good intentions of going to Menaggio on the bus but somehow it was so much more relaxing to spend our last day pool side, sipping Hugo and Aperole Spritz! We spent the day under parasols, intermittently going for a dip to cool off. In the evening, we had our last meal on the terrace and Verity helped a woman out trying to book a place to stay on as her husband had gone into hospital. We packed our bags as we had a fairly prompt start in the morning. It was just as well we did as when we woke up this morning apart from there being a most horrendous thunderstorm there was also a power cut on our floor. Our driver came to collect us and this time was a very safe driver which was just as well as the heavy rain followed us all along the lakeside. Luckily by the time we had reached the plain of Milan it was sunny. Our plane was only 25 minutes late and luckily we had speedy boarding! All was going very well with our travel arrangements until our train connection at Hamden Park, the train driver just pulled out of the station as everyone was on the footbridge. I am sure it was deliberate as there is a lot of discontent on southern rail at the moment. To cap it all, all further trains were then cancelled. We caught a bus all round the houses, transferred to the 99 bus and got to the Wheatsheaf at 5 pm. We then had to walk all up Pear Tree Lane which is a bit tiring after a day of travel. Still, we are home now and none the worse for our adventures.



2 thoughts on “‘It’s Time To Call It Day’

  1. There’s. Whole ecosystem in that cocktail!

    Can you go back to a white theme. This grey is not the nicest. And maybe make the header picture narrower or change it. I can help if you like.

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