Bonnie Scotland

A few days exploring the Scottish Borders with a view to a possible move there. We explored all the towns in the locality including Galashiels, Jedburgh, Coldstream but kept returning to Kelso as it seems to offer ( minus a cinema) the sort of town where we would like to live. Now we are back in Devon it seems a long way off but as Lol said,a long way off from where? – I guess Taiwan seems like even further, but somehow the continent is a long way away even if Nicola Sturgeon does want Scotland to remain in the EU. 

So, Kelso sits on a confluence of the Tweed and the Teviot rivers and is also prone to flooding. The countryside roundabout is rolling fields and twisty lanes and it doesn’t take long to be in the really hilly country of the Cheviots. It is only 45 miles to Edinburgh which you can reach by train from Berwick or the new Tweedbank or drive. The town itself has a variety of small shops and pubs and restaurants as well as a Sainsburys and a Lidle. The roads in the town leading to the main square are all cobbled, as is the main square. It is very fine and some websites describe it as Flemish style. 




4 thoughts on “Bonnie Scotland

  1. How about the nearest hospital or GP?

    Move to bonnie Scotland. Proximity to Edinburgh makes it a great choice. As long as you have faster internet it should all be great.

  2. Greetings from the Borderlands! Kelso is just gorgeous – we love all the local Borders towns, though all of them are haunted by their loss of status as jobs and employment are difficult. It was the distance by train to both Newcastle and Edinburgh (both 45 minutes from Berwick) that tempted us to live just south of Berwick. For us, this is perfection – we look out on Holy Island and the dramatic North sea coastline, but are so close to exciting music and art. We are quite a way from good hospitals (and because of some stupid unfriendliness between Northumberland and Scottish health care, can’t use Scottish hospitals 😦 ) but have had first class medical attention here all the same. Berwick has a superb arts centre – we are so lucky! Our only complaint – late night trains down run back to Berwick …. Come and see us when you’re next checking out the Borders! Katherine

    1. Thanks very much for the offer to visit you when we are next in the area. It’s early days yet but I hope we make the move as I no longer want to live in post Brexit England or Wales! Having said that, I suspect it will take some time to sell the house, we put it on the market 2 years ago and only had a couple of offers despite pricing it realistically. We shall see, hopefully by this time next year we will have made the move!

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